Permaculture Gardening with Marisha Auerbach – Part 1

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Permaculture Gardening with Marisha Auerbach – Part 1

Food gardens are getting really popular again, and a lot of people today didn’t grow up learning how to grow their own food.  Marisha Auerbach of Herbnwisdom is trying to fill that gap by teaching people how to establish gardens and foraging landscapes that can provide for a family year round.   Listen to her conversation with Terry and learn how to get started, and how to maximize your garden to provide year-round abundance in western Washington and Oregon.



  1. 1-22-2012

    Great topic!! I love how Marisha sees so many opportunities! Too bad the podcast isn’t longer.

    • 1-22-2012

      Thanks Kelda, and you’ll get your wish! This is the first half of our conversation, so more is to come in this week’s post.

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