Edmonds Community Solar with Chris Herman

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Edmonds Community Solar with Chris Herman

There are community solar projects popping up in many parts of the US, including the Edmonds Community Solar Cooperative in western Washington.  Chris Herman, who has been designing solar projects in the PNW for over 25 years and spearheaded the Edmonds project,  joins Terry on this episode to discuss the process and how others can benefit from a similar endeavor.


  1. 9-3-2013

    Interesting podcast but how do I download them? Right now I am on http://eco-logicalhome.com/2012/11/21/edmonds-community-solar-with-chris-herman/ but I cannot find any link for downloading.

    • 9-3-2013

      Thanks for letting us know – we updated the plugins yesterday and there must be a glitch. Please try back later today!

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