Welcome to the Eco-Logical Home, where we explore ways to create healthy, energy efficient, and joyful places to live.  Our goal is to give you the tools to create your own nurturing shelter and support systems for a resilient future of comfortable, sustainable, and healthy homes in well-connected and self-reliant communities.  We are funded in part by donations from The HumanLinks Foundation, a non-profit organization who shares our mission of creating more sustainable ways and places to live through education.

Healthy building materials, passive solar heating, non toxic finishes, alternative wall systems, green roofs, and urban farming are just a few of the subjects you can learn about on The Eco-Logical home.  Whether building a house, installing a rain garden, painting a bedroom, or retrofitting your home for health and resource efficiency, you’ll hear some great information you can use on each episode.

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Terry Phelan is your host.  A self taught architect, she has been in the home design and building industry since 1977 and pioneered the cutting edge ecological design and business practices at her firm in Issaquah in the mid 1990’s.  Passionate about sustainable design, she stays on top of new developments in the best choices in building through activity in the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild, Cascadia Green Building Council, and the AIA Committee on the Environment.  Many of the guests on the program are also members of these associations.

To increase the knowledge and understanding of some of the most healthy and energy efficient options we have for building and design, Terry developed “The Living Shelter Cafe” and “Living Shelter Design Radio” in 2008. These programs were broadcast over internet radio through the Voice America and Webtalk Radio networks.  In 2011, the format was shortened and the name was changed to “The Eco-Logical Home”.  We are now focused on reaching a more regional audience, including those listening to publicly funded community radio stations throughout the Pacific Northwest.